Thursday, March 11, 2010

31 Weeks and dreaming

A pregnancy post.

All pictures taken by Kelly.
He posed me, and told me where to look.
It was fun.
I've been dreaming again.
Pregnancy dreams are so vivid.
I had a dream where my toenails were perfectly polished.
I woke up and they were not.
and frankly I couldn't do anything about it.
So Kelly painted them pink for me--
and he did a good job.

I also dream of holding my baby.
The dreams are so real.
I remember doing that with Pearl.
That's when I started singing "You are my Sunshine" to her.
"I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke dear, I was mistaken,
so I hung my head and I cried."

She loved that song as soon as she was born.
I think she remembered hearing it.
Now we both sing it to baby Violet.
another little girl--
I can't wait.
We had a scare a couple of week ago when she stopped moving.
Kelly gave me a priesthood blessing that said she would be alright.
Just before we got to the hospital,
she started hiccuping.

I was so glad to feel that.

After a few hours of monitoring,
they said she was fine,
but the amniotic fluid was low.
I was told to take it very easy and drink lots of water.
I've done just that,
and my last ultrasound showed everything to be fine.
Now I'm told to keep up the rest and water,
so it stays that way.
I like being pregnant.
I feel productive,
and happy to know what's taking place inside me.
I love feeling little baby feet and elbows rolling around.
I like to know that for the next 9 or so weeks,
I have this little person coming with me everywhere I go.
I love that Kelly lists me being pregnant as one reason our life is so good.
I like being pregnant,
but more than that, I like the end result.
I can't wait to meet her.
I wonder what she'll look like,
what her personality will be.
Will she sleep through the night as well as Pearl?
Is she going to be as girly?
Always wanting dresses,
and polish,
and lipstick?

Or will she like cars?

Whatever it may be,
We will love her just as much.


Amanda said...

Amazing photographs of you and your sweet girls. :) I know you don't know me very well (Benji's wife) but I love looking at your cute blog once in a while. Good luck with everything and we look forward to meeting/seeing little Violet.

Benj and Amanda Bradshaw

Cristyannie said...

I can't stop looking at this pictures! I love them! I can't wait to meet Violet! You look gorgeous in all the pictures Stacey!

Tia Langston said...

I never thought about 'being pregnant' and 'being productive.' Thanks, that was good. Now I also feel productive. At least I'm getting something done! :o) Love the pics!

Mike and Brit Harris said...

Darling pictures! Good work Kel! So glad you're doing better Stacey, keep resting, and let me know if you need anything!

Alex said...

Geez you are beautiful! Cute post. You make me want to be more positive about pregnancy. I can't believe you are already 31 weeks! She will be here so soon! - danelle

Kim said...

You and Kelly are just so dang cute I love it and what I love even more then that is that you guys are being blessed with another girl. I absolutley love the name you have picked out. THese pictures are so beautiful and you look gorgeous Stacey! GOod work!

cathy bubert said...


Jessica Duff said...

Beautiful Pictures! You look great! I'm so happy that baby Violet is doing well in your tummy. Can't wait to meet her!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Those pictures are beautiful and I love all your thoughts. Pregnancy is so rewarding because when it is over you get to hold a little angel in your arms. I can't wait to see little Violet!

Bunk & Dizz & Moe said...

so beautiful!!! Having two girls is the best!

the Horton Hurricane said...

this may sound corny or gay but I feel the spirit when I look at these pictures, I love pregnancy and I'm so excited for you and Kelly to add to your family. xoxo

Kyle and Katie said...

you are so beautiful!

grandma to 15 said...

oh what beautiful Jewkes Women~~the ones we can see and one little gal who's still safely hidden!!!

good job Kel - capturing a precious miracle!! Violet will love joining your family!

Marianne said...

Beautiful pics :) Kelly did a great job. I'm so excited for you!

And, Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, and Andy said...

wow! you look so great! you sound so great! I am so excited that one day all our kids will be hitched!! I can't wait to see Violet, and she has a great name (just like her cute sister)!

Rachel Bott said...

Stacey what beautiful pictures. Kelly great job. Such a sweet post Stacey. You are such a good mom, and so positive with your pregnancy. I wish I were a little more like you. It is a beautiful post.

em said...

Cutest post ever! I just love you! I am so excited for you and your little baby girl. I think you and Kelly are probably pretty close to perfection when it comes to being parents.

The Barrick's said...

Stacey you look amazing. i hope everything goes well over the next few weeks for you.

Shelly said...

Stace, you are gorgeous inside and out. Glad I decided to stay up just a little later to catch up on your blog. It always gives me sweet dreams ;)

Love you!

Dave and Kristen Geurts said...

you're a gorgeous prego lady! Love the pictures... can't wait to see pictures of the new little one!!

The Phillips Fam said...

Cute photos. Kelly is pretty good! I wished that I would have had a photo taken of me when I was pregnant. I never wanted it! But now, I wish I had some. BTW I love your new blog header, did you design that?

D and A said...

Ok! How did I miss this growing detail? LOL. I''m so excited for you guys. You're brave. Deciding to have number 2 seems even bigger then deciding to have the first!!

P.S: Violet is a adorable!

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