Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mia came home to a media frenzy.
{Can you spot Barb Smith + Jennifer Stagg?}

Her sister's were interviewed by one news station after another.

Here they are--
rushing to meet her for the first time.
Mia was patient while her mom was
interviewed by the Deseret News.
She really is so
Welcome home Mia!

*read a great article about Mia in the Clipper here.

They used one of the pictures I took.
It may not say that anywhere,
but still.
My work has been published.
Ok, and so maybe the picture is really small,
but I just thought you should know.

And yes, my Mom gave me a copy of the paper to keep.


cathy bubert said...

We are so happy for Mia and the Carroll family! Beautiful photos Stacey!

ashlan said...

How awesome she is home. What an adventure. Congrats on having your photo published. I loves moms no matter how small something may be to one our moms always think its huge!

grandma to 15 said...

The clipper should hire you!! the photos are wonderful~~~Those girls are soooooooo cute~

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