Friday, February 12, 2010

Look at these two.

They have been called to serve as the Mission President, and companion of the
California - Long Beach mission.
They will serve from July of 2010 - July of 2013

They are going to be great!

My parents knew where they were going for a week
before they could tell us.

I hate secrets.

My dad loved that he knew something really exciting and fun,
and I didn't.

He put this note on the filing cabinet where their call was--
so I wouldn't sneak in there and read it.
{he knows me well.}
Then I got a letter in the mail will "not telling" written on the back.
He Loved every second of it.
His fun came crashing to an end when they
could finally tell us the news.

We are so excited for them.
{and excited for us, that they are close enough to visit.}

For all the writhing and waiting he put me through...
I have a little something up my own sleeve.

I hope he doesn't mind when all of his missionaries
get a copy of this picture in the mail.
Then they'll see his true colors.


kelly said...


Cody said...

I'm so excited for your mom and dad. They are going to be the absolute best!

cathy bubert said...

Good one Stacey!

Anonymous said...

Very funny, Stacey. You're grounded!

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think he's so handsome!

ashlan said...

HOw exciting! They will do great! I thought they so would have gone to a third world country with all there service they do. It truly shows they are called of god.

Jessica Duff said...

They will be so awesome!

Cristyannie said...

This was the perfect post. They are going to be so great!

grandma to 15 said...

what a cute missionary couple!!! They will do great! Long Beach weather is the best~~

So Happy for you both Cathy & Ted!

Rachel Bott said...

Your parents are going to be great missionaries. I am so excited for them. Congrats to a wonderful family.

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