Friday, January 15, 2010


She is safe!

This little beauty is
Doesn't she make you melt?
{I wrote about her in my last post.}
After a couple of very difficult days,
her family received word from Haiti that
Mia, and all 200 + children in her orphanage are
alive and well!
Buildings all around them were demolished,
yet their orphanage is standing.
The Lord truly watched out for these little ones.

It's hard to think of the terrifying experience Mia went through.
Especially knowing that
she shouldn't have been there.
She should already be home with her family.

They have been working on her adoption
for the past 4 years.
Her adoption was finalized in July of 2008.
She's had her passport since August of 2009.
She should have been able to come home then,
but she needs a visa from the U.S. government to enter the country.
Issuing visas is something that should take a few days,
but with it being low on the priority list,
it has been taking months and months.
Mia {left} sits in Haiti with her Mom Carol, and sister Taciana.

There are many children and adoptive families
who are in this same situation.
These families want to bring their children home.

One of the adoptive mothers started a petition
to get the U.S. government to quickly issue the visas
so they can get their children out of Haiti.

Please take 30 seconds to sign the petition.
You just need to type your name and email address,
then click sign.
It will take you to another page where they ask if you want to
donate money. You can just close out of the page if you want to.
Your signature will already be saved.

Here is the link.


the Horton Hurricane said...

thank you for this post, that is completely inexcusable for those kids to wait that long, everyone needs to not only sign the petition but donate as well.

cathy bubert said...

Awesome Stacey! Hoping and Praying that Mia and so many others will be home soon!

Jessica Duff said...

Mia is so beautiful! What a blessing that all of those children were protected. I hope she can make it home to her family very soon!

Tia Langston said...

Powerful! I had no idea it could take that long to bring your baby home. Glad all the kiddos are safe.

Danelle and Alex said...

I hope you don't mind if I copy you and put the petition on my blog. I think I am going to post a link to your blog for more info since you have done it so well. Hope you don't mind thanks!

The Bauers said...

WOw that picture really does melt my heart. SO glad to hear she is safe- Will remember her in our prayers

grandma to 15 said...

I want to just go over there and get all those kids at the orphange and bring them to the US so they can be adopted!!!! Thank you for getting this link out stacey!! Keep your blog updated when Mia gets here~~

Luke and Kimmy said...

She is beautiful! I hope she get's her here soon.

lauren said...

was mia one of the children who got flown to the US to have her adoption expedited? i hope so. it sounds like this whole process has been quite an ordeal. thanks for sharing this story.

em said...

I am happy/sad crying right now. Thanks for posting. She is beautiful and I will pray that she will make it home soon. I am so so happy that she was kept safe.

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