Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

Apparently Santa should've saved his money this year.
Pearl opened about 3 presents, then wanted to call it good.
She was content enough with her new
books and movies.
We'd bring her a present to open,
and she would tell us she wanted to watch Shrek instead.
Pearl's only request from Santa?
A wallet.
He brought her one,
and she was pretty excited.

After presents
and Christmas breakfast--

We met my family at the movies.
The plan was for Pearl and aunt Mari to have a
date to see the Chipmunks 2: the Squeakquel,
while the rest of us saw Sherlock Holmes.
About 30 minutes into our movie,
I get a phone call from Mari that Pearl is crying.
She got scared during the previews for Avatar.
After a lot of coaxing,
{she kept saying "it's scary in there."}
Mari and I got Pearl to go back into the movie.
It was really cute, and she loved it.

Now Kelly needs take me back so I can see how Sherlock ends!


cathy bubert said...

Hey Pearl, When are we going to see the Frog and the Princess? We will skip the previews :)
Love you, Nana

grandma to 15 said...

hilarious about pearl saying...it's scary in there!!!

you and Kel go and see Invictus and I'll play with Pearl! it's wonderful!

Rachel Bott said...

Oh if only Mabel had been content to open a few presents we could have let Santa save some money. She loved them all to well. Cute pictures of little Pearl. We spent New Years at home this year too, and it was the funnest we have ever had. So don't be ashamed of celebrating in your robe! As always cute post.

corryfever said...

it looks like kel got some of the real stuff in his glass. happy new years guys and hope to see you guys soon

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