Saturday, December 26, 2009

shepherds, wisemen, and white elephants

Kelly's family has an annual Christmas party,
thrown by his Aunt Pauline and Uncle Mike.

Enchilada soup is the main course,
while everyone brings a treat to share.

On years where there are enough willing children--
a live nativity is performed
while the Christmas story is read.
All of the actors get ready,
While the audience below awaits.

The story begins,
and the star appears.
The rest of the cast waits on stage right.
Pearl {the shephard} really wants to hold baby Jesus.
Joseph becomes very protective of the young king.
The wismen come, bearing gifts.

Praises are sung, and the curtain closes.

~Then on to the next event.

The white elephant gift exchange.
You won't find any used socks at this exchange.
Everyone brings gifts that you would actually want to keep.
nice socks and mittens,
toys for the little ones.
and so on.

Once you've rolled the dice,
you have the choice to pick a new gift from the middle,
or steal someone's unwrapped gift.
Poor Grandpa Jewkes.
He ended up with a bladeless hair removal system.
{despite Jill's best efforts of wrapping it nice and frilly.}
He pulled out his finest selling techniques,
but had no takers.
{No word yet on whether he decided to try it out or not.}

We ended up with "the Sandlot"
Which Kelly had Pearl steal from his cousin--
Right after his Mom had told a heartfelt story,
of why it meant so much for Chris to have picked that movie.
Kelly got some nice fuzzy socks, and gloves.
{Which means I got some nice fuzzy socks and gloves.}
As for me, I picked one of those nice hooded duck towels,
which would be perfect for Pearl,
and I was very pleased with it.
Then Uncle Austin made 4 year old Kate steal it from me.
Then on my next turn I stole it back.
I still feel a little bad...
but not that bad.

On a side note:
Uncle Jason got a broken ankle
requiring surgery and pins, and plates for Christmas.
Always fun.

Now I'll leave you with a cute picture of
Pearl and her Grandpa.


Lori said...

I am SOO glad you posted these pictures..... My new year's resolution=to be able to come to one of the Jewkes cousin christmas parties....I feel so left out :{

cathy bubert said...

Pearl, what a cute little shepherd. Grandpa Howard will be so proud!

the Horton Hurricane said...

I feel left out also Lori, and my whole family was there except me :(

Such cute pictures Stacey what a fun night,

grandma to 15 said...

pictures sooooooo cute!!

Shepherd Pearl adorable!

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