Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Book Worm

Pearl loves to read.
In fact it's one of the first thing she thinks of
every morning when she wakes up.
She'll ask--
"Mom, ky read a book wis you on Mom's bed?"

So we climb up on the bed and read through her stack of books.
Sometimes twice.

Then when Kelly gets home from work,
he gets asked the same question.
He has made a little tradition of reading to her every night before bed.
She gets so excited to read with him,
she squeals while running down the hall.
Sometimes she'll invite me to read with them,
but for the most part, she just wants that time with Dad.

Today when Pearl asked me her daily question,
I was busy loading the dishes.
I told her we could read when I was finished.
It suddenly got really quiet, and I knew something was up.
I found that Pearl had climbed on our bed all by herself.
Which is nearly impossible, seeing as our bed is so absurdly tall.
In fact, I have opted to use a step-stool to get on it.

See for yourself what I found.

First I panicked that she could have been hurt.
Then I laughed really hard.
Then we read and read to her little heart's content.


em said...

Ahhh, that is so adorable. SHE is so adorable! I love it when Andersen reads to himself. I always try to catch it on video but if he sees me he stop.

cathy bubert said...

Pearl, reading is the best! I love to read and I love you!

Jessica Duff said...

Such great pictures. I love that little Pearl!

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