Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Kelly's costume done all by himself.
Pearl wears the dress Aunt Mari was sealed to my family in.
The veil was made by me, costing only $2.13
Every year,
Halloween is hosted by Kelly's sister Amy.
She always has delicious soups and rolls to eat.
Jill brought her pumpkin bars,
topped with cream cheese frosting.

All the kids get to show off their costumes.
This year, the two oldest grandkids-
Jake and Mason,
decided they were much too old for Halloween,
and especially for dressing up.
Pearl's first piece of candy was offered to her
by her Uncle Austin.
This piece of candy was a blue lollipop,
which in turn made Pearl's mouth blue.
Pearl was then transformed into
Zombie Bride.
Which she would be known by for the rest of the night.
That Uncle Austin,
he also asked Pearl (who has a huge crush on him) to marry him.
She of course nodded her head yes.

Pearl was so excited to trick or treat.
She had practiced saying it all day.
Once she claimed her first prize-
a fun size bag of M&Ms,
she thought she should eat it immediately.
Her father, the Zombie, explained the need to wait,
and she understood.
Then there was Kate,
the butterfly.
She's been doing this a few years you know,
and she knew just when to sneak the candy into her mouth.
The singing skull.

Pearl said to me, (me being a gothic Mom.)
"Mom, you look so, so scary."
Then she went about her
trick or treating.
With a very tired bride in tow,
We made a stop at Papa and Nana's.
She of course chippered up when
Nana offered her a very special ball that glows,
and the pick of the candy.
Nana turned on the player piano,
and Pearl danced the night away.


Mike and Brit Harris said...

So fun!!! You guys all look very cute!

cathy bubert said...

What a fun night! What a beautiful bride!

Jessica Duff said...

You guys look great!

Cody said...

Looks like a great Halloween. Love the costumes!!

Jonny & Melissa Holmes said...

why is your family perfect?! pearl is such a doll. we miss you guys in the neighborhood! xxxo

Lori said...

That sounds wonderful. I love the pictures, but even more I love how you put them together. You are very TALENTED!!!!

the Horton Hurricane said...

she was such a cute bride, what a great night!

grandma to 15 said...

that picture of her asleep on Kelly's shoulder with her candy hanging in her hand should be sent into Parent's magazine!! it is a classic!

loved the dancing bride....

Olsen Family said...

She looks so old!!!

Cristyannie said...

I feel like I was here for Halloween even though I was half way around the world. Pearl looks so big. What a beautiful bride.

Camille and Paul said...

So cute! You even look beautiful as a Gothic mommy.

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