Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family time

We've spent a lot of good quality time
this week with my Dad's family.

We always have a good time with them
sitting around, relaxing, talking,
and laughing.
Of course.

We spent hours looking at old pictures,
and listening to the stories behind them.

My Dad and Christina text message each other through the doorway.
He cited satellite problems as the reason for the slow text return rate.
then later on that night...

See, we know how to have fun.

I love this picture of my Dad.
It is so him.

I love you and think you look very cute in these pictures.
Cute enough in fact, that I'm going to end my
post with them.

Love ya.

1 comment:

cathy bubert said...

What a great Thanksgiving! Thank you for the wonderful post!

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