Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Review

This past weekend proved to be quite eventful for us.
*Friday afternoon, we had our first ultra-sound.
We saw our little baby moving all around
- Oh how I love that little babe.
* The evening was finished off by an annual trip to see

at Kingsbury Hall.
Kelly and I met Shelly and Cristy for the event.
No pictures to prove it- just believe.
Like every year before - it did not disappoint.
And like every year before - Kelly tried to make the Zombie's scare me.
They give me nightmares.
For real.

Other activities included:
*Watching America's Funniest Videos, and laughing till we cried at
people biffing it down the stairs.
* Teaching Pearl how to open door knobs.
She always shuts herself in her room, our room, the bathroom-
and then screams until she's let out.
She did this so many times on Saturday,
her father, being the wise father he is said:
"That's it, I'm teaching her how to get out all by herself."
And he did.

Side-note: Grandma's and Nana's, we may have created a monster -
be on the lookout for Pearl opening your front door to escape. Yikes!


Olsen Family said...


Rachel Bott said...

What a good idea. Kelly is a good sport, I think I would give up on that project. I don't have enough patience. I am glad to see you back to blog, I hope that means you are feeling much better.

PS I want to hear about this ultrasound, call me.

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