Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We're on a roll.

One of us needs this bandage,

~while the other one wears it for fun.

One of us has a puncture wound
on the ball of her foot.

~the other does not.

One of us spent the day at the Dr.'s office having
puncture wound (as called by Dr.)
poked, prodded, and x-rayed.
Which was followed by a tetanus shot.

~The other played with her Nana.

One of us is wondering, what kind of a tree branch
pierces through a shoe like that?

~The other one is wondering
how she can get some more chocolate milk.

So maybe Pearl doesn't need her foot wrapped, but,
she did just have an injury of her own.

It's true though, I stepped on a freshly pruned tree branch.
I was wearing crocs, which are were my gardening shoes.

Kelly has always said they seem unsafe,
boy was he right.
When he saw the branch had gone right through, he said:
"those dee - aye - em - en shoes."
except for he didn't spell it out like that.

I just thought you guys should know what happened.

I don't want you to feel that sorry for me,
but maybe like a little bit sorry.

I'm supposed to keep my foot up,
which can get boring.
So I made Pearl a wrap top out of an ace bandage.
it was funny.

Well I have to go.
I now have to take an antibiotic four times a day,
and now is one of those times.


Cody said...

That sucks, Stace. As someone who know a thing or two about foot injuries I really do feel your pain.

Danelle and Alex said...

I love reading your stories! I am sorry about your foot though!

Jessica Duff said...

Ouch! That sounds like just the kind of thing that would happen to you. Sorry!

Cristyannie said...

Stacey! I hope you get feeling better soon. I am mostly sorry about the shot and the pain now. I'll have to bring some movies over later...

Jessie and Garan said...

I cringed while reading this. Good luck and I hope it starts to feel better soon!

Ty and Dani said...

I love how you write your stories! I am sorry about your foot, but happy to see Pearl sporting the bandages. GOt to love moms and their first babies!

grandma to 15 said...

I loved the two painted toed ladies!! so cute~~~~~~

Kelly, watch your language~(smile)

so glad it is getting better, stace

Whitney said...

that sounds painful, I hope you are feeling better!

Camille and Paul said...

Bummer. I am so sorry!

Kim said...

you poor thing. Must be your bad luck coming back. Hope you get better soon.

Kent said...

That stinks! I cannot believe it would go right through your shoe either.....even if they were crocs.

Colledge Daze said...

Oh Stacey, I'm so sorry you skewered your foot! Hope you're up and about soon. Call me if I can help you. It's good to see Pearl is taking such good care of you, though. Ha Ha. Heidi

The Burtons said...

So So sorry sweet sweet Stacey that your foot is OWIE!
I LOVE YOUR MATCHING RED TOE NAILS (brings me back to when my little Jessica was little biity and we always had matching toesies and finger nails:)
Hugs and kisses and hope your foot starts feeling lots better little by little!!!

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