Monday, August 17, 2009

weekend wrap-up

The weekend was spent lazing around our house.
I love weekends like that.
Don't you?
We rented 4 movies from Top Hat, and watched all of them.
Kelly was glued to his book
"the Giver"
As for me,
I spent way too much time getting acquainted
with this beauty.
My first sewing machine.
and can I just tell you,
I am so excited about it.
My first sewing project?
A pink robe for Pearl.

Here Pearl is seen wearing the robe sleeve on her calf.
She refuses to return it to me.
Once sleeve is peeled off by her father, Pearl screams out
"No! my wobe, my wobe!"

I finally finished it, and let her try on the completed project.
She loves it.
Shoulders aren't supposed to fall off like that?

Let's just give it some time folks.
and yes, I chose the blurry shot for a reason.

Somewhere between the reading and stitching and un-stitching,
Kelly and I met my family for a matinee of
the Time traveler's Wife.
We loved it.
What we didn't love, was the woman in the front row
who decided to let out a cackling laugh during the
(there is really no reason for you to be laughing) climax of the movie.
it was weird.
The weekend ended with Sunday dinner at my parents-
joined by some close family friends.
My dad pulled out some of his famous jokes,
and good times were had by all.

Really, truly, a great weekend.


Cody said...

Your family is so funny. I love the fact that Top Hat is still in business. That place makes me happy.

Jessica Duff said...

I am impressed by your sewing skills. I have never attempted sewing anything like a robe! Well done Stacey.

grandma to 15 said...

STacey, your pictures of the girls are wonderful!!! how did you know the light would be so perfect!!! their angel faces not only light up the camera but grandma's heart as well!! So.......cute!

Hey Kel, I started that book, want to finish it! what's the revue?

Stacey, you are brave to tackle that sewing project, it looks great to me!! my first attemps were pillow-cases, need I say more?

Kent said...

I think the lady on the front row was not giving off a cackling laugh. Instead it was just a cackle. She was probably a witch and thought it was funny that something sad was happening to someone else. I should know. I have known some real witches in my day. :)

P.S. I just wanted to let you know that Christmas is just a few short months away. It just so happens that I do not have a "wobe" to call my own, especially not a pink one. HINT! HINT!

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