Monday, August 24, 2009

A fall, and a Purple Band-Aid.

Pearl got hurt.

If you see her, she more than likely will tell you about it.
and she'll hold her little arm up like this.
She'll say
"I fall off cart."
and by cart, she means coaster car.
and she'll say it in a really high voice that trails Up AnD dOwN,
with each word stretched out
n i c e a n d s l o w.
and then you say
"You did? I'm sorry honey. Are you okay?"
and then she'll say
"y y y e e A A A A h h h h."

it's pretty dang cute.


Jessica Duff said...

Pearl, you sure look cute in your purple shirt with your purple band-aid. Cooper misses you!

grandma to 15 said...

oh she was so brave when she fell off, I thought there were no casualties!!!! darn, so sorry Pearl for the "ouwie"!!!

I'm going to have to get her some pumpkin bread for being so courageous

love you little one,
G. J.

cathy bubert said...

Pearl, your bandaid even matches your shirt! Hope your owie gets better soon! Love, Nana

the Horton Hurricane said...

little boo boo kiss it better and bring me some of that pumpkin bread

katelyn said...

You're too kind! and yes my hair is growing rather quickly..thank goodness! Next time I want to cut my hair off I'm going to get extensions. I either need 6" or 20" no in between.
So little Miss Pearl is Adorable. I think she is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen (and I've seen some cute kids).
Also Brandon wants to be Kelly's BYU Football friend. We thought about inviting you two to Cougar Kickoff last week or so but everything turned rather rushed. Ok. This is too long. Later

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