Wednesday, August 5, 2009

24th in Wyoming

Every year, for as long as i can remember,
we have spent the 24th of July at my Grandpa's
ranch in Wyoming.

This year our family hosted the Howard family reunion.
We had over 100 people there, some coming from Boston,
and one from England.

The best part of all was seeing my Grandpa so happy.

he loved seeing his, and his siblings posterity together.
he was just beaming.

We drove up the night of the 23rd,
The first thing Pearl said when we got out of the truck was
They really are so beautiful there.
My dad pointed out the milky way, and the big dipper.

The first night there, we got to sleep in the little cabin,
which is also referred to as the "honeymoon suite."
My dad built it as a replica of the original cabin that my
Grandparents lived in as newlyweds.

He did a great job with this cabin.
It feels perfectly old-fashioned and cozy.
Just like it was meant to be.
We all slept great.

kelly woke up early the next morning, and rushed
over to the main cabin,
in hopes that my aunt JaNae would
make him her famous fried eggs.
She did.
He was very happy.

From there, we had a very action-packed day.

Here Pearl is seen in the make-shift carnival train.
She loved this.

n one of her many rides,

she was found slouched in the bottom of the cart,
fast asleep.

Cousin Bria saddled up the horses.

Pearl did not want to get off the horse.

but I made her anyway, because we had a lot more to do.
Which I will tell you about later.


the Horton Hurricane said...

Hatch is so cute! I love the honeymoon suite, I want Cory to build me one (it will be like my own private little get-away) and from time to time maybe I'll let him sleep in there with me ha ha! cute pics, frame the one of you and Pearl on the horse.

Jessica Duff said...

How fun! The cabin looks so great, your Dad did a great job!

Danelle and Alex said...

Stacey you are the best! I wish I could make by blog as fun as yours. Your pictures are so cute and you look great!

Cristyannie said...

I'm so sad I missed it but I'm glad I can read your blog and feel like I was there. That is such a GREAT picture of Grandpa!

grandma to 15 said...

I'm so glad Pearl loves riding horses~~and your grandpa looked adoreable - driving the train!!

Great memories~

The Bauers said...

You have such a cute grandpa- What a fun place- such a fun place to take your family. The pics are just beautiful!!

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