Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swine flu? and a juice box.

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with lil' sis Cristy, where we confessed to each other that should we happen to get the swine flu, we would be too embarrassed to admit it aloud. Why would they name it that anyway? It makes you feel like a big grossie. We decided we would opt to either scurry around that subject during conversation, or refer to it as the H1N1 virus. Funny thing was, this conversation took place at a family party, where multiple members of the family unknowingly had the "H1N1 virus." We spent a couple of hours in this room where we unintentionally incubated the virus, and all but a few family members caught the SWINE FLU.

Luckily Pearl was fine, but Kelly and I got it. It was bad enough that we just wanted to lay around all day, but mild enough that we still felt like watching a lot of movies, and eating some treats. We were even heard to have said it was "fun." Kelly had three days of work off, and a lot of great family time was spent together.

Fast forward 3 weeks later - to Yesterday.

Pearl is burning up with a fever.
She has complained that her "throat hurts, legs hurt, and feeties hurt."
Sounds like old H1N1 to me.

The last three hours of our day were spent at the Dr.'s office,
where they poked and prodded my little sweetheart.
Although all signs pointed to the "swine,"
they had to check her bright red throat for strep. When that came back negative,
Dr. said it was procedure to test for a bladder infection.
"There has to be a reason for the fever."
I agreed until they walked in the room with three people to hold her down
while they put a catheter in.
That was when my motherly instincts kicked in and said
"That's not going to work for us. No way - no how."
I then relayed that to the Dr. who was very nice about it.
She said we had another option.
We could just wait for a urine sample to test.
She then gave Pearl an juice box, and told her to knock herself out.

Pearl took her sweet time producing that sample.
We played with the toys, read all the books, and talked to dad on the phone.
2 hours later, (not even joking) her mission was complete.
Bless the sweet Dr. Heather Lesiuer for being patient with us.
She stayed an hour after the office was closed and tested the sample herself.
Which of course came back negative.

We'll get the results for the swine flu tomorrow.
For now, I'll let her sleep.

* Test results were not in by Friday afternoon, which means by the time they did get the results, the window to take the Tamiflu has already passed. The Dr. assumes she does have the swine flu, and said to just wait it out. So wait we will.


cathy bubert said...

Get better soon Pearl. We love you!

Chase and Ilez said...

I hope she doesn't have the swine flu! Seeing your child sick is the worst thing ever. I hope she feels better soon

Kim said...

Oh poor thing! I hope everything's ok. You are such a good mom.

Cody said...

Poor Pearl. I hope she gets feeling better.

lil hurst fam said...

I hope she is feeling better! You are a cute mom to put your foot down about the cathedar. they are the worse.

ashlan said...

I love that office they are so understanding. Im sorry she is sick. When I first got prego with this baby I got e-coli (gross I know) we had no idea how I could have got it. Well when nestle recalled their cookie dough it made me think....When I got a letter from costco saying I purchased their product during the recall it all made since. Its sill makes me cringe to think of. I hope pearl gets better fast.

Camille and Paul said...

Yikes! Haven't you guys already been through this? Jackson had to get tested with a pipe being shoved up his nose, it made him vomit every where and it was horrible! I am glad she got to pee it out! ;) I hope she is okay!

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