Friday, July 3, 2009

It's the bulls and the blood...

the dust and the mud...
and they call the thang

Kelly and I were invited to the Rodeo in Oakley City Utah.
We gladly accepted the invitation.
We thought it would be the perfect thing to do to kick off the 4th of July weekend.
After all, a Rodeo is just about as
as it gets.

We had been anticipating this here rodeo for weeks.
Then the bad news came.
Kelly had to run a last minute order out to Ogden for work,
and he was going to be late.
Turns out He was only a half an hour late.
No big deal.


Maybe no big deal for some.
For most even.
The difference here is that if Kelly and I would have only been a half an hour late,
it would have been too easy.
Instead, we were heading up Parley's Canyon, while in deep conversation about blessings in disguise, when:
whoop-dee-doo, what do ya know,


In case you don't know,
that's not at all where we were trying to go.

Kelly stopped and asked for directions.

The woman at the counter told him to stay on the road heading north and
"you can't miss it."
This north heading road curved here and there and forked a couple of times, before
wrapping around a large body of water.
Kelly turned to me and said, "there's no way this is taking us to the Rodeo.
I'm sure we've already missed the whole thing.
Once I find the freeway, we're going straight home."

Sadness filled my heart.

I had cowboy-ish boots on and everything.
He was right though.
Where in the heck were we anyway?
Then, a turn of luck.

"Welcome to Oakley city -
Home of the Oakley Rodeo."

The cheerful banner read.

We followed the signs and got there just in time to see:

One motorcycle stunt.

The always daring bull riders.

and a mini firework display.

It totaled to be less than 30 minutes of rodeo for us.



Kent said...

That is awesome that you guys had fun at the rodeo. Hey, just a suggestion; maybe Kelly could invest in a GPS unit or something. It might help out with his job and everything. He MIGHT even be able to take it when he is not quite sure where Oakley is. I hear Garmin makes a good one.........but then I have a feeling you already know that! :)

greg said...

We were really sad that you guys missed so much of the rodeo but it was great to see your cute faces for a few minutes. And Kelly has the sharpest wit of anyone I have ever met and I wish he could just sit on my shoulder and make me laugh all day.

cathy bubert said...

You two know how to make the best of any situation! Love, Mom

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