Friday, July 31, 2009


Dear Mom and Dad,

picture found here

I was troubled to hear of the events that took place while you were gardening together yesterday. I couldn't believe my ears, to hear that you were both stung by bees within minutes of each other. How very coincidental. However, it does makes sense. You make quite the pair, and it is just so very like you to share in each other's pain.

We are sending our best wishes your way, and hoping your head (Mom) and between shoulder-blades (Dad) get feeling better soon. I will be steering clear of your crab-apple tree for the time being.



Oh, and

p.s. I would never tell anyone about how those "killer bees" turned out to be the tiniest baby bees you ever did see. Your secrets safe with me.


cathy bubert said...

Thank you for keeping our secret and for your sympathy! Amazing how such tiny insects can inflict sooooo much pain! Love, Mom

grandma to 15 said...

unbelievable!!! I got my last bee sting I think when I was still wearing the cat-eye glasses that were popular in the 1960's!!!(smile) is it mud or toothpaste that helps immediately, I don't know or can't remember which? yes, those little insects hurt when they leave their calling card!!! get better T & C!!!


the Horton Hurricane said...

Cory kills bees

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