Monday, July 6, 2009

the 4th

Holy moly! We had a great 4th.
In fact, I even turned to Kelly on multiple occasions and said, "this has been a great day."

Although Pearl may have been all smiles at this moment in time,
A few hours prior that wasn't the case.

Here Pearl is seen with her Nana at the parade.

A negative reaction to sunscreen put a damper on Pearl's
parade watching experience.

At one point during the parade,
a soldier made uncle Ben drop and give him 20.
Uncle Ben opted to take only one headphone out of his ear,
while leaving the other ear pampered with music.
Which makes me wonder what song he was whipping those out to.

Pearl was excited to see aunt Mari cheering with the
Check out that great high V!

At this point,
Pearl decided to put her best face forward.

You could tell the little darling wasn't quite herself.

We tried cleaning out her eyes, without much luck.
The poor little dear rubbed and rubbed,
which only made things worse.

Looking on the bright side, Pearl discovered a new love for
salt water taffy. Although she chose to stay on the sidelines,
while fellow parade watching children biffed it on the asphalt.
All in the name of CANDY!

We made our way to the Apple convenience store, where we purchased
a chocolate donut for an ailing Pearl.
This wasn't any donut.
This donut was special.
It was topped with
"freedom sprinkles"
as Pearl's father liked to call them.

Speaking of Pearl's father,
he's a real sweetheart.
He flushed Pearl's eyes,
and cleaned her face until
she was as good as new.

Then she watched him prep the lawnmower.

We sat on the porch and watched Kelly fix up the yard,
while Pearl made quick work of her
patriotic donut.

The rest of the day was spent
playing in the back yard,
and finally a trip to the movies
where we saw


That movie, I tell you what.
I loved it.
I thought it was

Our great day didn't end there.
From there, we met Kelly's family for an extravagant firework display.

Jenny was in charge of saving us a spot,
and she did not disappoint.
She had us so close to the action, we were covered in ashes by nights end.


Danelle and Alex said...

I am glad you posted pictures of yourself. I just think you are so pretty!

Kent said...

Kelly, where does one find a hat like that-particularly without fishing flies in it? I think I would be interested. Stacey, I also would like the opportunity to eat the last of your chocolate chip cookies some time. Something tells me they probably taste good. I agree that "UP!" is an amazing movie! I give it my highest amateur movie critic recommendation. It looks like you guys had an awesome 4th!

Cristyannie said...

Those pictures are all so cute! Pearl looks darling in that dress. That first picture is stunning. I love your blog so much.

cathy bubert said...

Incredible photos! Stacey you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!

grandma to 15 said...

I just relived the whole July 4th night with the help of your blog Stacey!!

the picture of those girls all sitting there looking up at you is priceless!!!

it was really fun~~

the Horton Hurricane said...

It was the best day ever! I love family events and I love you

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