Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the waiting game.

This is my friend Mandi.
If you don't know her,
you are missing out.

She is the definition of a genuine person.
She would never change who she is to please people around her.
She is content.
She is beautiful, but doesn't know it.
If something strikes her as funny,
She likes to give one good clap before bursting out into laughter.

Mandi married a true blue cowboy named Joe.
Yes, she is one of the few people who can actually sing the song
"Cowboy Take me Away" by the Dixie Chicks,
and have it be valid.
Their first little bundle is due any day now,
so we headed out to capture some final pictures in her
expectant state.
Joe and Mandi are so much fun,
mostly because they both equally hate
having their picture taken.

You would never know that though.

Mandi was positively glowing.
As she should be.
She is going to be one incredible Mom.


Mike and Brit Harris said...

What a cute post! I didn't even know Mandi was pregnant...that's so exciting! Very good pics too Stac!

Danelle and Alex said...

Those are great pictures! I didn't know you took pictures for people. You are so talented.

cathy bubert said...

Beautiful! Joe and Mandi will be awewome parents!

the Horton Hurricane said...

Mandi is beautiful and she is a true genuine person, she will be a great Mom! love these pics.

Cody said...

this is an awkward place to write all this since I don't know these people, but I can't believe that (a) you guys got SF and (b)you were so pumped about it. I heard that it has been going around our family. Good thing I have already been exiled.

grandma to 15 said...

oh AMy will love looking at these pictures ~ they are darling~~

He's here, I heard! super - you have such a way with that camera, Stace~~!

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