Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pea is for Pearl

Pearl has found a new obsession.
Not canned peas.
Not frozen peas.

Peas fresh from the pod.

She especially likes the teeny tiny peas,
that only the littlest of fingers could pinch.

She ate and ate all of Nana's peas,
until every last pod had been plucked.
Even with the news that the peas were all gone,
Pearl remained diligent in her request for more.
When Nana knew her empty plants had nothing left to give,
she turned to the farmers market.
Could you imagine Pearl's delight,
When she saw her Nana exchange a handful
of money for a bag of crisp peas, waiting to be shucked?

Now you might say to yourself,
"What an extreme measure to take for a two year old."
You would be right in thinking that, although here are some
facts you should consider.

Pearls words peas, and please, are one in the same.
So although you can't be sure,
she just may be putting her manners into practice,
saying "peas, please."
If that is the case, which it very well could be,
then why not reward her for her efforts?

The other fact is, which, let's just get down to it,
Pearl's Grandmas {yes, both of them.} give her whatever the dang she wants.

Looks like we know what we'll be planting a bizzilion of next year.

Sorry about your peas Mom. Hope you didn't have any big plans of eating them.


Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Hey! There could be WORSE things that she is hoarding right? She is SO flippin cute!

the Horton Hurricane said...

yummy, peas please Pearl! I love you
Aunt Jenny

Lori said...

At least their vegetables rights?

laurdacooj said...

i think pearl my be so so lucky to have you for a mom, I guess I don't think... I know:) I love your blogs, you are so cute! love you!

grandma to 15 said...

That is super, that she tastes how sweet those are!!! way to go Pearl!! "It's easy to be green"

cute, cute pictures, Stacey!

Jessica Duff said...

Pearl is such a cutie. I love her tiny little pink finger nails.

Camille and Paul said...

If there is one thing to love...this is a good one! She is so cute!

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