Monday, June 22, 2009

a much awaited visit.

Pearl and I were lucky enough to have a visit from my dear friend Jessica,
and her darling boys.

We had been looking quite forward to this meeting,
since we had yet to meet their newest addition:

Is he a cutie or what?
Jessica lives in Las Vegas, and was here in Utah while her husband
ran in the Wasatch Back Relay.

We grabbed some take out from Joy Luck
and talked and talked while our kids played.

Jessica didn't think Cooper would sit still for long,
so we thought we could hurry and get a few quick shots.
Turns out they couldn't get enough of posing together,
so I just kept snapping away.

check out those eyes!
Cooper got to play with some toys
that I'm sure he's never seen at home.

The difference between boys and girls:

Pearl wanted to gently help Dane with his binky,

while Cooper had his own "face slamming" way of helping out.

Between all of the eating,
baby mauling,
and doll house playing,
We had a fabulous time.

When all was said and done,
Cooper threw Pearl on the back of the pink car...

and they rode off into the sunset.

come back soon.



the Horton Hurricane said...

I love it what a cute play date, and that baby Dane is a dream and a half Oh what the heck he's two dreams!

cathy bubert said...

Cooper, Dane and Pearl are adorable! Thanks for another great post! Love, Nana

Jessica Duff said...

You took some great pictures. We had so much fun with you guys! I wish we could come over today and play some more. We love you guys.

PS- I think that Pearl is Cooper's first real crush.

Ty and Dani said...

There is no such thing as cuter pictures! How fabulous are you at posting?! (That was rhetorical lol)

jillian said...

I loved reading this!! you take some great pictures!

grandma to 15 said...

oh my goodness, that little baby Dane is so cute!!! Pearl looks like she doesn't mind at all being surrounded by boys~~~

The Burtons said...

Oh my goodness!
How cute are COOPER and PEARL just loving eachother!
And yes little DANE is soo adorable!
Stacey I want to come give your ~BEAUTIFUL PEARL~ hugs.She looks so much like her pretty mommy!
Love and miss you all lots!

Jessica Duff said...

Hey Stacey, could you pretty pretty please e-mail me some of these adorable pictures. Or if it's easier, send them on a CD. Either way.

RoseAnna said...

How fun!!! Those kids are so cute. I'm glad you guys got to hang out!!

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