Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the celebration

Pearl's birthday was nothing short of fun.
Plenty of presents
{that she was too shy to open}
A lady bug cake
{whose candles she didn't dare blow out.}
loved ones all around

an impromptu dance party

And cupcakes galore.

What more could a girl want?

{maybe a trip to build a bear? more to come on that later.}


the Horton Hurricane said...

It really was a fun party and she was a pretty little bug! I love you Pearl.

Rachel Bott said...

what a darling cake did you make that? if you did i am super, super impressed, but you are so creative, so not surprised.

lauren said...

those cupcakes look divine. absolutely divine. and pearl is so beautiful, just like her mom.

grandma to 15 said...

the party girl was adoreable, the decorations fantastic and the RED cupcakes - my favorite! so fun to share her #2 day

love you Pearl,

grandma J.

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