Friday, May 1, 2009

Philadelphia, city of brotherly love - Neil Young

Did I mention it was really hot in Philadelphia?
Because it was.  Really hot.

Oh, and then Adam and Sarah's AC broke.

We decided it would be best to stay out of the house.
Which turned out to be just fine.
I think Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful places I've been.
Rolling green hills, blooming trees, and beautifully restored homes.

Sarah and Adam live in a really quiet neighborhood.
The perfect place for kids to ride bikes


and search for ladybugs.

This is the beautiful tree that had everybody's allergies all riled up.

Adam (aka Dave) and his adoring dog Lucy.
Pearl had a hard time saying Adam. 
So what did she do?  She became quite resourceful, 
and decided she would just call him Dave instead.
Brilliant, I say.

You can't go to Philadelphia without eating a Philly Cheesteak.
So that is precisely what we did.
We went Joey's, where we met Joey (seen below in the jersey)
who liked to inform us that they were voted "best in the burbs," 
and that he made more wings on super bowl sunday than hooters did.
264,000 to be exact.
It was great to see someone take so much pride in his business.

They even wheeled out this 5 star high chair for a very
hot and sweaty Pearl.

Here she is seen quenching her thirst with a delicious
Franks Black Cherry Soda.

Our last night there, we headed to downtown Phoenixville,
Where we had dinner at the Iron Hill Brewery.
They served their own freshly brewed rootbeer, and it was amazing!

We had fun walking down the street and looking into the shop windows.

Downtown Phoenixville is where the movie The Blob was filmed
Part of it was filmed here at the Colonial movie theater.

We really had the best time on this little getaway.  
Which was all made possible by an airline voucher from my parents,
 and kind friends who let us stay with them.  So thank you.
I guess this means Pearl and I are a couple of free loaders.
Extremely grateful free loaders, nonetheless.

 Sarah, I had so much fun sitting around, staying up too late talking, laughing, 
and watching 30 Rock.  I'll never forget the scene about the slanket.
I will miss Ava questioning my motives when I take a shower.
"Are you dwerdy (dirty) or messy?  Just tell me."
and Elle's sly ways
"well, you know why."
Oh, and who could forget the time that Adam called us a couple of pains in the butt?
No offense taken, really.  I guess I can see where he was coming from.  
I must say though, that's got to be the first time I've been called that to my face.
Thanks Again!


the Horton Hurricane said...

Philly Cheesesteak yes please this is one of my many favorite sandwiches. Pearl looks really hot drinking her soda. I'm glad you had fun.

Jessica Duff said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. Now you need to make a trip down here to Las Vegas:)

Jodie said...

Oh please tell me you hit up Rita's. A trip to Philly just isn't complete without one of these! We lived in Philly 2 years ago...I have to agree that it is one of the prettiest places I have lived...and I have lived in a few places! We miss you guys! Your little Pearl is just darling. After this summer in Texas we will definitely have to get together. I think that our girls would love playing together. Take care Jewkes fam!

cathy bubert said...

Stacey your photos are AMAZING! I am so glad you and Pearl had a wonderful time! XOXO Nana

The Phillips Fam said...

I had so much fun while you visited. I love that every time I am around you, my belly aches from laughing so much. You are such a fun friend. Hope you come out again sometime. See you in June!
-Sarah Phillips

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