Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pearl takes on the Big Screen

On Memorial day we went with my family to see 
Night at the Museum.

We weren't sure how Pearl would handle it, 
but she did great.
Aside from the fact that she kept yelling out "mine" and "no" and "scary, scary."
Or the way that she went down the row changing from 
one aunt/uncle's lap to the next. 
Oh, and the way she rubbed the people's heads who were sitting below us.
Slightly awkward.
The way we look at it is,
We never had to squeeze through the aisle of 30 people to take her out.
So we considered it a big

loved the movie too.


Cristyannie said...

She did so great! What a fun night and movie!

Ty and Dani said...

We are still doing the movies with Emree, but I think she is starting to get to aware. She did successfully sleep through "Night at the Museum", but I was so tired that I do too!

grandma jewkes said...

she loves movies just like her grandma!!

looking forward to her birthday~ how can it be two years since Pearl came to be?

the Horton Hurricane said...

Almost 2 wow how perfect to take her to a movie like a big girl, dad took my kids to see this show in Las Vegas they had a good time also!

Shelly said...

I'm so glad we decided to follow through with our plans...even though Mom and Dad bailed ;)

The scariest part was holding Pearl and trying to gracefully squish past the full row of people in platform shoes...I was praying we wouldn't tip over! :)

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