Thursday, May 28, 2009

food coloring + Pearl = no zzzzzzzz's

We have discovered that Pearl has an intolerance for certain food coloring dyes.
It makes her wired.
Wired to the point that she can't sleep.
It has happened with Orange Crush,
colored candy, and certain medicines.
I think it mostly happens with things that are

Here she is two nights ago.
You can tell she is exhausted, 
but her little mind is running wild.

She sat with her baby and watched....
you guessed it, the Little Mermaid.



the Horton Hurricane said...

I'm so sorry Pearl you cant stay up any more past 11pm! but I'm so glad you love the Little Mermaid it's my favorite also.

ashlan said...

We have alot of customers that come into the store and their children cant have the suckers beacuse of either red dye 6 or red dye 32(most common reactions dyes). Not to question you but I have learned alot of people think its the orange but more likely to be the red. Have you had her tested? I didn't know that they did this until I spoke with several people about it at our store, its more common than I ever thought. Good Luck!

Mike and Brit Harris said...

How funny is Pearl! I just want to kiss her every time I see her!

Jessica Duff said...

Oh Pearl, you are so cute.

I think Orange crush might have caffeine in it.

Cristyannie said...

Pearl, I am so glad that you love the Little Mermaid so much (even though your parents could quote it in there sleep...) I love hearing you say Ariel and I especially love reading your blog. Your mom does such a great job!

grandma j said...

such a cute blog!!
those darn old dyes - no more dots for you Pearl only

RoseAnna said...

That same thing happens to my nephew. that is so crazy. Pearl is so darn cute though.

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