Friday, May 8, 2009

4 Shots

8:23 am - 4 shots were given in these cute little thighs.

8:24 am - We rejoice to know we are through with shots until kindergarten!

8:25 am - A grape flavored sucker is offered to console a very mad Pearl.
(it works.)

As shot days go in our house, the consolation continues 
for the remainder of the day.  
Which means Pearl gets to do whatever the heck she wants.

Today that meant eating vanilla cupcakes to her hearts content.

Watching the Little Mermaid three times, while drinking lots of milk.

And refusing to let me comb out the rat's nest in her hair.

See, it wasn't so bad.


the Horton Hurricane said...

I want someone to give me cupcakes and milk and I would love to watch The Little Mermaid.

Kent said...

When I first read the title to this post I thought Kelly had fallen off the wagon again. Just kidding! :) Pearl is so cute that I don't know how you say no to those things on a regular basis, let alone when she had to have four shots.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

poor little Pearl getting those nasty shots!!! yeah, Motrin works!



Camille and Paul said...

She is darling. I love her

cathy bubert said...

Sweet Pearl, I hope you are feeling better. Dad and Mom sure know how to help you through a bad day! Love, Nana

the Horton Hurricane said...

I love you Pearl!

Luke and Kimmy said...

Those poor little thighs!

Miss your faces!

Ty and Dani said...

I would also let pearl have whatever she wants because she is so stinking cute!

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