Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a problem, and a solution

Pearl has been seeing the world from a hairy point of view lately.

In recent days, Pearl will not keep a hairdo in any longer than necessary.
Which means as soon as we get home, the hair comes out, 
and the neck cranks back, trying to find a clearing to see through.

We decided a bang trim was in order.
Pearl sat perfectly still as a snipped away.

I think she approved. 

She sat in front of the mirror making faces at herself
for the next five minutes.

And then she took a bath.

Problem solved.


lil hurst fam said...

Oh my heck she is so cute! We need to get our kids (and us) together when we come this summer. I feel like I know Pearl from your blog.

the Horton Hurricane said...

so cute she looks like a little girl all grown up of course I cant help but to think of her and Kelsey as babies, no I've changed my mind she is a baby and will always be right?

Kim said...

HAHAHA! Nice pink shirt! I can't believe how old she looks with her new haircut. SUper cute!

Anonymous said...

Pearl, I was wondering why you looked so cute in your ponytail the other night ~~~ it was the new shorter, chic bangs!!! good job mom!

ly, grandma j.

Mike and Brit Harris said...

I love the bangs on her, she looks so adorable!

Dave Geurts said...

HAHA she is so cute. love the cheesey grins.

Cristyannie said...

Pearl, You look so adorable with those bangs. so chic.

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