Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One highlight of the trip was the basketball game.
My uncle's company has season tickets to the New Orleans Hornets.
Kelly and I were lucky enough to go.

Their season tickets include access to the lounge 
where you can eat all the food to your hearts content.
I'm not talking just any food,
I'm talking real genuine red beans and rice,
bread and cheese platters,
gourmet soups and salads,
sliced fresh fruit,
and my favorite....
the desert bar.
Six inch high red velvet cake
apple crisp
chocolate drizzled cheesecake
and double fudge brownies.

and believe me, I tried it all.

We rolled out of the lounge,
where we waited to see the players.

and here they come!

Have you ever heard of this guy?

  Every time he scores they play a clip that says
We heard that clip
  a lot.

The fans love him, and would go to quite extremes for him.

as noted below.

It was a very exciting game.
Even more exciting than it looks in this picture.

Then came a freakishly strong male duo for a half time performance.
They were incredibly talented, and it was really respectable that they 
have worked so hard for this, but some of their holds and positioning didn't 
mesh well with my maturity level.
Kelly made a good point though.  He wonders why there pants couldn't have just been black.
Why make us look at you doing these tricks in flesh colored animal print leggings?

After they were through, we decided to go back to the lounge
 to get more food....what?
Uncle Doug wanted to stay in the seats, so I left my camera with him.
BIG mistake, and you'll soon know why.

So we're in the lounge,  Kelly is ordering me a sprite.
Just then, 30 or so people come swarming through the doors.
There is one tiny person in the middle surrounded by a real life possy!
I'm one of the first people to see this and I quietly scream

"Lil Wayne!"
 I ran and grabbed Kelly, whose camera phone failed us 
just when we needed it most.
Lil Wayne really is very Lil.
Teeny even.

He had a blinged out grill on his teeth and long braids.
One of his possy members fetched him a drink,
which he didn't actually drink much of, 
he mostly stirred it and tried to look cool.
He let everyone take pictures of him
or with him if desired.
He put up a peace sign before each picture was taken.

This is the part where you realize, oh that's why you needed your camera!
Yes, I could have a picture below with me, and a tiny rapper who
probably weighs 75 lbs less than me.  
Not that I know any of his music, because really I don't.
but he's the only famous person I've see close up,
and you have to admit, it would have been pretty cool.

I'll leave a space for the picture that could have been.

His seats were directly across from ours, so I did get a couple of pictures,
but I'm not in them with him, so you just have to believe me, okay?

He was sitting next to this 55 year old woman, 
who never took off her sunglasses during the game.
They kept talking to each other and laughing.  
She was totally flirting with him.

During a timeout the Honeybees who are the "dancers" brought out some 
wadded up t-shirts to throw into the crowd.

Then the competition was on.

His efforts were to no avail.

The prize went to Uncle Doug.
{Don't worry Uncle Doug, I would never mention to the public how you
 snatched the shirt from a ten year old boy's hands.  That can be our little secret.}

He was pretty proud.

In the end, the Hornets beat the Mavericks 104-88
We had a great time!
Thanks for taking us Brandon.


Lori said...

Stacey you make me laugh!!!! Loved the post. Felt like I had been there.....

Mike and Brit Harris said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! i still can't believe you didn't have your camera with you to snap a pic with Lil Wayne! Anyway cute pic of you and Kel!

lauren said...

i loved this post a lot. especially the photographic commentary. and i have always wondered how lil' lil' wayne is. so i'm glad to know he really is that teensy. looks like you all had a great time... i'd be lying if i said i wasn't just a bit jealous.

Marianne said...

Stacy you are hilarious!! Looks like so much fun!!

the Horton Hurricane said...

Stacey you are quite the clever one next time remember camera with you at all times.

Kent said...

That whole post was freakin' hilarious. What is even more funny is that even after staring at the first picture for a few minutes, I still can't decide if Kelly is taking a hit from a joint or not! :)

P.S. I want to be in your family. You guys get to do all the fun stuff.

Mandi said...

how much fun did you have!!?!! i HAVE TO say I loved the ...what?? at the end of a sentence. Usually people give up habits like that after a few months, it has been six years since I have seen you and you are still saying it. I love it. Good to know some people never change. I wish I lived closer to you, I miss your hilarious carefree nature.

Dave and Kristen Geurts said...

reading this made me hungry. lol
you guys are so cute. And looks like you had a blast! I'm jealous!

Greg and Ky said...

Looks like fun! I love professional games... especially so close to the floor. One of the best parts of those things is people watching... Im glad you spotted lil wayne, So funny!
I can side with your uncle.... Sometimes you just want to win stuff so bad, I am guilty of fighting over and yanking a tee shirt from an 8 year old boy at a Jazz game. What can I say? your excitment gets the best of you!

grandma to 15 said...

what a wonderful easter blog!!!

grandma J loves that little spring princess!

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