Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter brunch, and an egg hunt.

Every year, Kelly's sister Amy throws an Easter brunch at her house.
 We started the day off with bagels, and fresh fruit.

Then the annual easter egg hunt begins.

This is how it works. 
 The older girls stuff the eggs.

Then the boys hide them.

and the hunt begins.

Pearl was loving it. She was totally getting the hang of it.
Going along.
Picking up the eggs, giving them a little shake
and plopping them in her bucket.
doo doo da doo

wait a minute...
seriously...wait a m.i.n.u.t.e.
What is this?

Basket of eggs drops to the ground.
The hunt no longer of interest.
The unwrapping begins, and then in a moment of concentration, 
the tongue comes out.
Taking a moment to soak up the satisfaction.
then Bam!
Just like that,
 the chocolate egg is devoured.

and the hunt moves forward.

Much fun was had. Spending time with family.

hugs were shared.
and we ended the day with a game of 

p.s. When playing kickball, watch out for Sheila, 
she always fakes like she's going long, 
and then she bunts.



the Horton Hurricane said...

I dont think I'm a pro any more at kick ball. I love the pic of Pearl stepping out of the front door.

Cristyannie said...

What a great Easter day! Pearl's hair, as always, looks so cute! I love all of the pictures! I agree with Jenny that the picture of Pearl stepping out of the front door is so adorable!

Kim said...

I.LOVE.YOUR.POSTS! You really do such a great job and I can just hear your voice in my head as I read. Your Easter looked like so much fun and of course Pearl is adorable as ever!

The Phillips Fam said...

that was so cute when Pearl realized it was she was collecting. Reminds me of Ava on 2nd Halloween. She would go door to door til she got 3 candies and then sat in her stroller for a while and ate the candy, then when she was done she would collect it again. She came home with no candy that night! Smart girls if you ask me. They enjoy the moment.
Can't wait to see you!

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