Friday, April 3, 2009


The reason we came to Louisiana was to celebrate my Grandma's 79th birthday.

She started her birthday off by riding on the Kubota.  
afterwards she said she felt like a new woman.

We celebrated her birthday dinner at a restaurant called
 "Friends on the Tchefuncta."
Named after the river it sits on.

Something you would never see in Utah?  A sign on the balcony that reads:
"Do not feed the alligators.  You will be fined $1500 for doing so."  Yikes!

Grandma loves when Kelly hugs her.  She always says "Stacey, don't be jealous."
She refers to him as her "heater."

We headed back to Grandma's, where we sang happy birthday, 
and ate cake and ice cream.

My Grandma taught me to play the piano when I was young, and we still love to play together.

There is a duet that she teaches everyone to play.  You must know it to be in this family.

and someday, I'll teach it to Pearl.

*This concludes the epic blog post of our trip.


Mike and Brit Harris said...

Your grandma is so cute! It's fun to put a face to all the stories I've heard about. Looks like it was a good time!

Mike and Brit Harris said...

about her. I really should proof read stuff before I submit.

Danelle and Alex said...

Stacey you look so beautiful in every picture of you! I think it sweet that you and your grandma play piano together! Fun family tradition :)

Colby and Steph Stringham said...

how fun! aren't grandmas the BEST! Bobs and I judged the BJHS cheer tryouts the other day! And your sister is a doll! She did SO good!! I couldn't believe how grown up she was! We really need to get together ASAP!!!!

Cristyannie said...

Stacey. Your posts never cease to amaze me. You are so great at writing and taking beautiful pictures! I love the one with you and Gramma playing the piano. We seriously have the greatest Gramma in the whole world!

Kim said...

I was so entertained reading about your vacation. Seriously you Grandma is so cute. And the animal print leggins and Lil' Wayne??? SO FUNNY! Can't wait to talk to you!

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