Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Son of a gun, I'm gonna have some fun, on the Bayou!

This is how it all began.  Pulling a screaming child out of bed at the crack of dawn.
Okay, that's what it looks like but, we didn't really wake her up until 10:00. 
Apparently she wasn't ready to get up yet.

As soon as we got to the airport to see the "panes" taking off,
 she was good to go.
 We were on our way to Louisiana to spend time 
with family and celebrate my Grandma's birthday.
My cousin Tara invited us to stay with her, which was nice because
she has three daughters (and a fourth on the way) and Pearl was in pink, frilly heaven.

We arrived at my cousin Tara's house around 11:00 at night, 
where we were led to the guest quarters.
The walls were painted a serene gray/blue
and crisp white linens fitted the bed.

Pearl demanded she be rid of her restricting clothing
 so she could check things out.

She was digging it....
until Dad spoiled the fun and make her go to bed.
After a nice soaky bath of coarse.

The next morning, Tara's girls were heard 
to have asked questions such as,
"Mom, we want to play with Pearl.  Where is she?"
"When is Pearl ever going to wake up?"

Little did she know anyone was even thinking of her.

Once she acquired the desired amount of sleep, we got her up
and ventured out into the beautiful, and much needed sunshine.

Imagine my surprise to see theses little southern belles rollin' up in 
this blinged out pink Cadilac.
The girls looped around and around the driveway, until
the battery died and the Caddy puttered to a stop...

It was not a happy moment for these little people.

So the girls took Pearl by the hands and led her to the "park."

Other activities included watching a Barbie movie, making a puppet show, 
and dressing up as princesses.

This of course was led by the sassy little Savannah.

Pearl was loving every minute of it.  

*Travel log to be continued


the Horton Hurricane said...

dress ups.... life dose not get any better than that! we love you Pearly Pearl!

Mike and Brit Harris said...

How darling is she!

Tara Trythall said...

You are HILARIOUS! I'll have to go check out the crispness of my linens! The girls will be so excited to see the pictures tomorrow. You'll have to email me copies. I have a few to send to you as well. Love ya!

Jessica Duff said...

That first picture makes me laugh. Pearl definitely takes after her mom, that's how you act when you get woken up. Besides, what toddler sleeps until 10? She is so cute.

Marianne said...

She is quite possibly the CUTEST little girl ever!! How fun!!

Kim said...

How funny is she! I love those little things about Pearl that make her who she is like being such a night owl and not waking up until 10 in the morn'.

The princess outfit is so fitting for her. I just love it!

Kim said...


"Son of a gun, Gonna have some fun on the Bayou" will always remind me of the movie Steel Magnolias...Just thought you should know.

Kent said...

Kids are the best! Pearl is definitely among the cutest kids alive.

Shelly said...

Stace! I loved this post SO much! It made me feel like I was in beautiful Louisiana with ya'll ;) Thanks for keeping me entertained with the exciting life of my favorite little person.

xo Shell

corryfever said...

such a party!

Stan & Isabelle said...

such a fun trip and your little Pearl is sooooo cute!!! the pink cadi seems to fit ... good luck with the teen years :)

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