Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Trip - Part 2

The reason for the plane ride?

These two lovebirds. 

Our dear friend {who might as well be my cousin} Charlie and his beautiful bride Jessica.  
My Grandpa {blue hat} baptized Charlie's Dad's family.  Charlie's middle name is Hatch in honor of my Grandpa.  Charlie has spent almost every summer since he was 14 helping my Grandpa on the ranch, taking us on four-wheeler rides, and lighting extreme amounts of fire works on the fourth of July.  He's a lot of fun, and he is very important to our family.  Almost every member of our extended family made it to the wedding.

They were married in the Beautiful Newport Beach Temple

Those trees were amazing.

My Grandpa and his first great-granddaughter Pearl.

Have you ever seen a cuter man? 
 The best part about him is, that hat never comes off.  
At times there will be a slight variation: red hat white lamb, green hat white lamb, 
occasionally you'll see a black hat with the white lamb.  
No matter the color, there will be one on.  
The lamb has a little HH for Hatch Howard branded on it's side.
I'm so grateful for a picture at our wedding with him sitting in a chair, holding his hat in his hand, ready to slap it on his head as soon as he exits the door.

We stayed at the Marriot, and it was super swank-y

Kelly was just as pleased as punch to be sitting on this couch.

Pearl on the other hand,  had a great need to explore.

We drove down to Balboa Beach, 
window shopped, 
and walked past the covet-worthy ocean front homes.

It was COLD!  It was RAINY
We had to take Pearl home and put her in a warm soaky bath.
Which means her baby had a fake warm soaky bath as well.

The Reception
was a blast.  It was a genuine Mexican Fiesta.
They had the most delicious Mexican food, red paper lanterns, strings of lights,
and a Mariachi band to boot.


The Mariachi Band was awesome.  They would go around the tables taking requests.
I asked for Besame Mucho.  
Como siempre.

Pearl had a ball!

We caught a flick
and we were thrilled!  My mom and Shelly watched Pearl so we could go.
We saw Push.  

We completely overwhelmed every restaurant we dined in.

Pearl always got her usual - Spaghetti minus the sauce.

You know what they say... all good things must come to an end.

We wanted to document cramming into the car on the way home.
Unfortunately the camera chose to focus on the luggage instead of us.
What are you you gonna do?

Thanks Grandpa for the great trip!

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Mike and Brit Harris said...

I LOVE HATCH!!!! He is the cutest grandpa ever! It was so good to see him still rockin the hat! That is the first thing I noticed in the pic with him and Charlie...too cute! What a fun trip!

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