Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Passing Through

This is baby Michael.  He goes by the name of "moose"
He is our newest nephew, Troy and Cher's son.  He was born at the end of November, but this was the first time we met him.  Troy and Cher live about as far North as you can go in Idaho, so unfortunately we don't get to see them very often.  Luckily they were driving through to Provo, so we met them at a restaurant so we could get in a quick visit.

Kayli loves to show off little Moose.  She reads on a second grade phonics level, ya know.

I even got a squeeze from a saucy faced TJ.  Could you think of anything better?

We finished off the rendezvous with a golf lesson from Kayli.


Back Swing

Follow Through

You would never guess that her dad is a Golf Pro, would you?
We are so glad we got to see you all, and finally meet little Moose.
He really is a little dream.


Mike and Brit Harris said...

Stac- Thanks for being my blog's biggest fan! Your like the only one that I can count on a comment from :) Anyway cute new nephew and I love all your pics pearl, your quite the little photographer! It kinda helps that Pearl is so stinkin cute too!

Cristy said...

Stacey, you look so BEAUTIFUL in all of these pictures. Especially the ones with your cute little nephews and niece. I love your blog so much! Love you!

Troy & Cherlyn said...

Thank you Stacey you are so sweet! We miss you guys like crazy and it meant so much that you came over to see us. We are going to try and get down there again and spend some more time with you guys. We love all three of you!

Lori said...

Dear Stacey,

I am technologically challenged....I wish I knew how to upload video to my blog and I would....(Any hints?)

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