Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Las Vegas

Clear back on December 19th, the three of us braved the roads for a short trip to Las Vegas.  I thought I had lost these pictures, but sure enough, they were there amongst the other 6000 pictures {not even kidding} on our computer. 
We kept Pearl occupied with a DVD player and an "Elmo loves the Earth" DVD.
When she grew tired of the "cool, clear, water" song, we made a pit-stop in Scipio.
Scipio is a place I've never stopped before, only because my dear friend Brittney said strange things always happen there.  Once I told Kelly that, he of course insisted on stopping there just to see how "strange" it really was. {he, pulling off the exit with a devious chuckle}
We stayed for over an hour so Pearl could stretch her little legs out.  I think Kelly also thought the longer we stayed, the better chance of seeing something weird.

Kelly killed time by trying on really ugly sunglasses.
 Pearl followed him everywhere.  
I on the other hand spent my time watching everyone give us dirty looks.
I think it was for letting our child walk around a gas station in footie pajamas.  

Oh, and maybe also because she kept laying her baby in various places around the store, and then she would picked her up and give her kisses.  One of the two things I'm sure.  You've got to learn to pick your battles people.

This was definitely a sight I'd never seen before, SNOW on the RED ROCKS.
It was really beautiful.
There was a huge snow storm by our house the day we left.    
We had worried family members calling to see if we were 
driving "in this blizzard?"

On the contrary, actually.
We had beat the storm by an hour or so.
When the storm hit, 
we were passing through St. George, enjoying.......


Just looking at these pictures make me want to go back.
Instead, we get to breathe in this thick cloud of inversion.  Yuck.

Kelly's Dad and his wife have a beautiful home in Las Vegas.
Liz is such an exquisite decorator. 
You would think Nate Berkus himself just walked out the front door.
The floor plan of their house is so open and spacious, and Pearl loved to explore it.

It was freeeezzzing!  
When you sit on cold metal benches, the chill penetrates to the bone. 
No matter how many layers you're sitting on.
Not pleasant.
We kept warm with three rounds of piping hot chocolate, at $4 a pop.

Please notice how Kelly and I perfectly frame this man's bum with our heads.
Sometimes life is just too sweet.

After the game, the icing on the losing cake was when we had to walk through 
six inches of mud to get back to the car. 
 Somehow the desserty parking range had turned to 
the thickest clay like mud during the game.  
needless to say, our shoes had to come off.

Here is my shoe-less father-in-law.
He's ordering the most desirable rolled tacos with fresh guacamole.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I know they made me feel a little better.

We finished the night off by watching "White Christmas"
I think it's my new favorite old Christmas movie. 
 Although you should be warned, the woman famous for having 
the smallest waist in hollywood, stars in the movie.
It's quite distracting at first, I've never seen anything like it.

Low Points of the trip:
  • Changing Pearl's diaper at the gas station.  She decided to do a nose dive off of the table and I caught her by the ankle.  Only after she had wiped herself on my shirt in the process. That was a real low point.
  • When Pearl decided the ride home wasn't as fun as the ride there.  She screamed for about an hour straight.
High Points of the trip:
  • The food.  David and Liz know how to find the best eats in every town.
  • The time when we didn't know where Pearl went, and she came dragging Liz out of her bedroom by her index finger.  She had pulled her right out of her bed.  She loves Liz.
  • Watching Pearl and her Grandpa slow dancing to "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas."
  • Liz's peanut butter cookies.
  • Liz's sauteed pears.
  • Liz's big pancake.
  • Oh I already mentioned food?  Well it was all really good.
The Mandatory picture in the BIG CHAIR.

Look, there are those dirty footies again. 
Honestly child, who are your parents?!


Ty and Dani said...

Those are super fun pictures! We watch White Christmas every Thanksgiving and agree the skinny waist is absolutely distracting, but I have a huge special place in my heart for that movie. Hope all is well with you guys.... pearl is so adorable and growing up so much!

Kent said...

I love the pictures, and the trip looks like it was a ton of fun. I think I would like one of those huge chairs at my house please. I think I am wide enough to fill it.

By the way, Kelly, I too would have stopped off in Scipio on the chance of having a wierd encounter. Maybe that is why we get along so well. Lucky for me, I don't have to go anywhere. Wierd encounters just seem to happen on their own when I am around.....

RoseAnna said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun trip!! Pearl is so darn cute, I love the pictures of her in the big chair! Priceless!

Luke and Kimmy said...

This post was so much fun to read. I'm glad that you had such a great time and that you were able to beat the storm. I was so worried. So, did you guys see anything weird in Scipio?

Kelly and Stacey said...

the only weird thing we saw were the people, and let me tell you, they were weird.

Dave and Kristen Geurts said...

hahaha, I love it! You know what, Scipio is a creepy freakin' place.. Years ago my friend & I pulled off the freeway there in the middle of the night on a drive home from Vegas, to take a catnap, I had dreams about aliens coming thru the car and woke up in a panic, trying to hurry and leave, only to discover,our battery was dead. A few minutes after we called highway patrol to help us, a man with a hook for a hand stopped and offered to jump our car battery. He was so nice, but it was kind of creepy us two girls in the middle of no where with "hook man" fixing our car for us.
Anyway, WAY cute pictures, Pearl is so cute. I love her footsie pajamas.

Kelly and Stacey said...

Kristen! I can't believe that happened. See, now Kelly will have to believe me.

the Horton Hurricane said...

what a fun trip, Pearl knows what she likes and what she dosen't. Just one question why is my dad not wearing any shoes?

Kelly and Stacey said...

That would be because he walked through a taped off section of the parking lot that had turned into a 6 inch deep, clay-like mud. He said uh-oh, then he just kept walking for about 30 more feet. Should've turned back around.

lil hurst fam said...

I wanna go to vegas! You always take the cutest pics. I was going for more of a green/blue than a blue/green but its growing on me. The color is at lowes I can't remember the brand but it starts with WV cause thats the color # WV38007 Summer Cottage. Good luck! Thanks for the adorable Christmas card!

Jason and Audrey said...

Stacey, you are hilarious. Honestly, I love reading your blog. I laughed out loud several times. Jason kept saying "that good, huh?" (not even sure whose blog I was checking out!) You're a hoot! Thanks! ps way to go letting Pearl wear footie jammies in the convenience store! I'm VERY impressed, especially cuz she's just your first child! :)

cristyannie said...

I loved that post and all the pictures! Pearl is so sweet ! I'm glad you guys missed the storm and were able to see blue skies! Kelly's Dad and Liz's house looks amazing. Love you guys!

Luke and Kimmy said...

I like the big beaver chair. Kimmy has a picture for that chair with her friends.

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