Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mari Moo

My sweet little sister had to write a paper for school, and she decided to write about adoption. She's such a good writer, and I thought everyone would enjoy it too.

For Orphan Children To Have A Home
By Mari Rose Bubert

I have a dream the orphan children black or white will have a home & a family who will love & take care of them. Some people just adopt the cute and cuddly ones. That's just not right. The children can't help if they have a serious disease or if they look diffrent from everybody else. They Should be treated just the same as the other kids. I wish that all kids will have a family and a home. I wish that people would look deep down in their hearts and adopt a child even if the child isn't as cute. Even if it coasts alot of money for medical help and if the child ends up dying. Know that you actually tried to help safe a childs life.

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