Saturday, January 26, 2008


So our dog Gritz has a real problem. He cries to go outside every five minutes, when all he really wants to do is wrestle Scarlet in the snow. His once gorgeous locks have now become an impossible mess of frozen knots that twist all the way down to his skin.

Well Gritz had a rather humbling experience when we had to shave him bare! So much for that winter coat. I think it actually hurt his pride a little, I could almost hear Scarlet laughing when he came stumbling out of the bathroom naked! Bless his heart. Soon enough he'll be back to his old frolicking ways, but for now he'd rather stay inside where it's safe and warm.

1 comment:

corryfever said...

Oh no you didn't!!!! That is unbelievable! But, he still looks so cute, i just want to cuddle him. Tough love. I am proud of you wonderful parents! WE MISS YOU!

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