Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Whirlwind Working Trip, and a Silent Film

We just got home from California last night.
Kelly and I filmed and photographed a fabulous wedding on Saturday,
while the girls played with my family.
We had an early 5th birthday celebration!! for Pearly Girl,
and a short layover in Las Vegas with Grandpop and Liz.

I am behind on my blog...
Like, big time behind.

Hopefully I will catch up soon--
but for now, I can finally post the "silent film"
we've been working on for Davis and Heather's reception.

We had so much fun with it--
and really, just about all of the credit goes to Kelly on this one.
I helped him with the filming, but he did all of the editing.

They presented it by saying that many people had wondered how they met,
and this short film would answer that question.

It was so different from anything we've done before,
and I love the way it turned out!

Oh, and it should be noted--
Davis has a fake tooth that he can pop in and out with a retainer.
I think popping it out it added the perfect touch
 to his role as the Villain ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wagons, pools, and jammed toes

We had a nice lil' pool party in Mandi's backyard.
Despite the tears shed by baby Charlie--
It really was a great time had by all!

{baby Charlie, Jace, and Pearl}

Above you will see Jace and Violet stuffing their faces with cupcakes,
Pearl and Violet looking on as the boys splash away,
and Wyatt proudly sitting on his valiant steed! {a colorful trike}
 Violet was fearless-- climbing all over anything, and everything,
but she wouldn't set foot in the pool...

Pearl on the other hand, took one slide into the pool,
and that was enough for her... from then on out, she gave pep talks,
and applause to Wyatt and Jace, as they braved what we dubbed as:
"The Toe Jammer!"
The Toe Jammer is a water sport--
Where all daring participants are rushed down a short slide,
into a pool's edge that comes far too soon...
toes are slammed into the plastic barricade--
and the participant is then thrown over the side, and onto the grass...
It gets pretty WILD!!
The wagon was a favorite.  Wyatt did most of the pulling,
and sometimes Violet did some pushing.
There was also a time that I was asked to pull them "to California."
California would have been a long walk...
good thing these kids have strong imaginations!

and even stronger toes...

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Good Day to be a Mama

 Mother's Day started out with "the big pancake," just as every good day should.

We hurried off to 9 a.m. church,
and attended a beautiful sacrament meeting.

When it was time for the primary children to sing to their Moms,
I said "okay Pearl, time to sing!" 
I looked down to see that she'd fallen asleep sitting up.
All of the kids filed onto the stand, with the shortest in front.
The music started playing, and Pearl looked at me and said
"I can't do it Mom," and burst into tears.
She buried her face in her hands, 
while the rest of the children sang their little hearts out.
I think being woken up, and then promptly dragged up to sing
was where the tears came from.

She gave her teacher Brandi Petersen two of her thin bangle bracelets--
right off of her wrist, and told her it was for Mother's Day.  

She gave me a card, and bag of chocolate they had put together in class. 
We had all of the Mother's in Primary pick their favorite songs,
and the kids sang them.  My favorite song we sang today was
"Give Said the Little Stream."
 I picked up my Mother's Day flowers on my way out of church,
then promptly went home to take a Mother's Day nap.

I slept a long time.

I came out to the kitchen to find that Pearl had made
many beautiful cards for me-- even painting a few. 
 That little girl has a heart of gold.

Kelly presented me with a gift that may never be topped.
He painted silhouettes of Pearl and Violet, and I was completely blown away.
I cannot wait to get them framed and hanging on the wall.
I love how you can see Pearl's glasses, and Violet's little fountain hairdo.
These portraits are so them at this very moment in time.
I love being their Mama!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


As I type this... I no longer have a one year old in the house.
Nope, I don't.  Every since 1:17 this very morning, 
My baby is two!
This little lady brings us to much happiness.

When she gives her fullest grin--
and her bottom teeth disappear under her over bite...
it fills my heart with so much love, I could burst into a million pieces.
Violet is not one to be ignored.
If I don't respond the first time she says
"Mama!" She'll tug on my legs if I'm standing,
climb on my lap if I'm sitting,
or use her tiny hands to turn my head in her direction
 if I'm holding her.
She is very maternal, and usually has two or three baby dolls in tow.
Even taking such great care to make sure they take their naps,
and eat their dinner.  She'll get their mouths close to her food and say
"num, num, num, num."

And speaking of naps-- She's over them.  
She stopped taking naps a few months ago.
Which is the exact same age Pearl stopped taking naps.
However, if we're driving around in the car-- they'll both take a nap.
Usually at a super inconvenient time such as 5:00pm or so.

Whenever music comes on, Violet says "dance!?"
and shakes her little hips from side to side.
Then she tries whatever move Pearl is currently working on...
arabesques, turns with arms high above her head,
toes up on releve...

In fact, she follows Pearl in just about every aspect.
They are the best of friends.
She wants to play what Pearl's playing,
say what Pearl is saying,
wear what Pearl's wearing--
...and you get the point.
As much as she admires her older sister--
I love that they are so different.
Their personalities are night and day.
Pearl is shy, and takes a while to warm up to people,
but when she's comfortable around you, she can be herself.
She doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings, even if they hurt hers.

Violet loves to be the center of attention, right from the get-go.
She is not afraid to stand up for herself, which is not always a good thing...
If Pearl is doing something that Violet is not pleased with--
{protecting her toys, art supplies, food, not letting Violet pull her hair...}
she'll yank Pearl's glasses right off of her face.
She knows this always produces the results she wants--
a very upset sister.
I'll hear Pearl scream, and walk in to find Violet wearing Pearl's glasses--
with a great big smile on her face.

She may be a little bit of a stinker,
but she has the sweetest heart.
She is so loving, and quick to forgive.
She finds joy in the littlest things,
and can entertain herself for hours.
 She loves to be outside.
In the swings, on the grass, looking for "bewdies" in their nests.
she can't say her 'R's, and it's adorable.
She can say just about any word she wants to say--
but that doesn't mean we can understand what she's saying...
Violet will repeat herself again and again until you know just what she wants--
and don't pretend like you know if you don't...
she won't let a generic "okay," or smile, and head nod slide past her.
She won't be satisfied until you repeat the sentence back to her.
There is one person in this family that understands her every mumbled word,
and that is Pearl.  She'll hear Violet growing frustrated with us,
and yell down the hall:
"She wants her baby wrapped in a blanket!  Like mine!"
These girls are so lucky to have each other.
Violet makes our lives so much sweeter.
Happy birthday to my little two year old!!

I love you to the moon and back.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another one down.

 Do you know what happened yesterday?
Mm3E7U on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Pearl lost another tooth!
It was the second of her two front teeth
that were bumped loose months ago.

Pearl and Violet and I had just finished dancing to "Anchor."
I grabbed both of my girls and gave them a big hug.
As I was letting go of them, Pearl said "My tooth!" there it was--
a little pearly white sitting in her hand.
She said "I like loosing my teeth! it's fun!"
Which was a nice contrast from the tears that came
with the first missing tooth.

The timing couldn't have been better,
as Gram was bringing Kelly home a few minutes later.
Pearl couldn't wait to "surprise" them with a second gap in her smile.
She kept her lips closed tight until Gram, who was onto her, said:
"Let me see your smile!"
We went to Texas Roadhouse with Gram,
where Pearl ate baskets of "sweet bread" to her hearts content.
That bread is easy on a gummy smile, after all.

Later that night I took Pearl out shopping with me to get
everything we needed for Violet's 2nd birthday.
{how did that come so fast?!}

She wanted to get EVERYTHING in sight for her baby sister.
"Ooooh! Violet would loooove this Mom!
Can we pleeeeaaaase get it for her?!"
Love the tongue through the teeth Pearl--
oh, and those boots with the capris... yep!

I did let Pearl get Violet this card...
It was the last of a few cards she had me read out loud to her.
Once I finished reading it, she gasped and said:
"We have to get it for her Mom! She'll love that one."

How could I resist.

Another tooth down, and hopefully no more to go for a long, long while.
She is going to be our toothless little cutie for years to come.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Double Blessed

I love baby blessings-- but how could you not?
Sweet little babies dressed in white, family, friends, and good food.

Yesterday we had a double dosage of baby blessings.
First up was baby June. 

Her Daddy Garan gave her a beautiful blessing.
My cousin Jessie got up and bore her testimony and it was so sweet,
then cousin Cody got up, and had a great metaphor about how sometimes 
living the gospel is similar to being a baby learning to walk,
and falling down a lot-- but getting back up and trying again.

Jessie is in my Grandpa's ward, 
and since the blessing was a few days after his heart attack--
there were many people who got up and spoke about
 their love and admiration for Grandpa.
It was a really incredible thing to be able to witness.

Violet was squealing at the top of her lungs towards the end of the meeting--
so she was escorted out of the building by her Papa Bear.
Since their sacrament meeting was at 9:00--
Jessie and Garan's families served a delicious breakfast afterwards,
with homemade cinnamon rolls, muffins, and fruit.
Cute cousins: Violet, Luke, and Pearl.
We went to our ward for Primary, 
and Pearl and I walked home in the beautiful weather.
Kelly stopped the van in front of us just before we got home, 
and said he needed to take the girls to his Mom's
 to work on a top secret project for me...

I dropped them off at Gram's, and drove up to Kaysville 
where baby Hailee had just been blessed.
Her blessing was at the same time as primary, so I had to miss it--
but I had to get up there and see the little beauty in her gorgeous dress.
Amber is one proud, and beautiful Mama.
The day was full of sugar and spice, and everything nice.

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